Special Events

March 23-26 2017 USPSA Optic Sight National Championship

March 29 – April 2 2017 SUPS (Southern Utah Practical Shooters) hosts USPSA Area 1 Championship

April 12-16 2017 USPSA Multi-Gun National Championship

May 7 2017 TCGC hosts Man of Steel, registration at orss.org

May 17-21 2017 USPSA Classic National Championship

May 26-28 2017 COSSA hosts Oregon State USPSA Championship

July 21-22 2017 Dundee hosts the CCS USPSA Championship

August 26 2017 Dundee hosts the Crazy Croc match

September 26 – October 1 SUPS (Southern Utah Practical Shooters) hosts the 2017 USPSA Iron Sight National Championship

header pictures by Jeff Bures, used with permission
special thanks to Chris Glanville and Bruce Walker for guidance, assistance, and encouragement