Welcome to the Columbia Cascade Section website


The Columbia Cascade Section is part of USPSA’s Area 1, and is a cooperative of the USPSA programs in the Oregon Willamette Valley and in Central Oregon. The section is currently comprised of three programs:

Albany Rifle and Pistol Club   Shedd, OR   www.arpc.info/   and  arpcshootingsports.org/

COSSA Practical Shooters   Bend, OR   https://www.cossapark.com/cpshome

Dundee Practical Shooters   Dundee, OR   www.teamcroc.com/


all CCS USPSA matches start at 9am

 for directions to a club, check the club’s site

match scores can be found at PractiScore

header pictures by Jeff Bures, used with permission
special thanks to Chris Glanville and Bruce Walker for guidance, assistance, and encouragement