Recurring Monthly Matches

Schedule Disclaimer

Recurring monthly matches my be canceled due to weather or schedule conflict. The calendar will reflect cancellations if they are communicated to this site by the MD (changes will not be reflected below). All CCS USPSA matches start at 9am.

Listing of non-USPSA matches is provided as a courtesy to those who may be interested, and to the MDs (whose hard work makes the matches possible).  Some matches may have certain requirements for participation (organization membership, MD invitation/approval, etc.) or a ‘different’ and ‘less documented’ rules set; none of that information should be expected here. If you have any uncertainty about any of a match’s details, then contact the MD several days prior to the match for clarification (please allow a few days for the MD to respond).

1st Saturday

  • Steel @ EPS (Eugene)
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (December – March)


1st Sunday

  • Speed Steel @ TCGC


2nd Saturday

  • Practical Rifle @ TCGC


2nd Sunday

  • Multi-Gun @ ARPC
  • 3gun @ CPS (April – October)


3rd Saturday

  • IDPA @ EPS (Eugene)
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (November – February)
  • IDPA @ CPS (April – October)


The day immediately before the 3rd Sunday (which is usually the 3rd Saturday – but not always)

  • CQB Multi-Gun @ TCGC


3rd Sunday

  • IDPA @ CPS (March – November)
  • Practical Pistol @ TCGC


4th Saturday

  • USPSA @ Dundee no match in December
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (April – November)


4th Sunday

  • Tactical Match @ TCGC
  • Steel Challenge @ ARPC

header pictures by Jeff Bures, used with permission
special thanks to Chris Glanville and Bruce Walker for guidance, assistance, and encouragement