The Columbia Cascade Section is governed by the posted bylaws, directed by the listed officers, meets when scheduled, and releases meeting minutes.

Board of Directors 2019/2020

  • Section Coordinator  Brian Berkley
  • Deputy Coordinator   Ryan Goold
  • Competition Director   Jim Boone
  • Secretary   Rob Coates
  • Treasurer   Serge Davis

Appointed Club Representatives

  • ARPC   Dave Lund
  • CPS   Mark Sue
  • Dundee   Mike Burgess

BoD meetings are held no less than annually and held at a time and place decided by the BoD in advance. Members will be notified of the time and place of meetings, and they are open to all Section Members (without vote).

CCS Board Documents

Minutes are taken at every CCS BoD meeting. After being written up the minutes are reviewed for accuracy by the Officers who were present at the meeting. After review and approval, the meeting minutes are posted here.